Mei 2023

De maand mei staat voor wat betreft de Lyceumclub in het teken van de Culturele Dagen, dit jaar in Athene.
Bijgaand te lezen het  woord van welkom van de Griekse Federatiepresident.

2023 Cultural Days in Athens

Dear friends
All the members of the Lyceum Club of Athens are happy to organise the ICB meeting in May 2023 and to welcome all our friends and those accompanying them for the Cultural Days. During your stay you will have the opportunity to discover the historical sites of our capital city, taste Greek cuisine and go on a cruise to two beautiful islands, Aegina and Hydra, both full of history and beauty.

During the evening gala we will have the pleasure to celebrate the anniversary of the creation of the Lyceum Club International and to honour its founder, Constance Smedley, in the presence of His Excellency the Ambassador of the United Kingdom.

A few words about the Lyceum Club of Hellenic Women :

The Lykeion ton Ellinidon (Lyceum Club of Hellenic Women) was founded in 1911 by Callirrhoé Siganou-Parren, a pioneer of the feminist movement in Greece and the country’s first female journalist.  It is a voluntary organisation which, within 111 years of existence, has played an important and active role in the preservation and presentation of Greek cultural traditions and folk customs. The Club’s social contribution has also been important, especially in the field of women’s education and the defence of women’s rights.

Today it maintains its dynamic presence in Greek society, thanks to the voluntary service of its dedicated members. The Lyceum’s spacious and pleasant premises in the centre of Athens welcome children and teenagers aged from 6 to 18, who have the opportunity to learn and participate in the tradition of national dance as it is still preserved in the Greek countryside.

The Lyceum has a rich collection of authentic regional costumes. These precious costumes were the ones used during the Olympic Games in August 2004. On this memorable occasion, the Lykeion’s knowledgeable volunteers dressed hundreds of young men and women who graciously offered their services and were called upon to host the various events and award prizes to the winners.

We are very much looking forward to seeing you all in Athens

Eleni Tsaldaris, President of the International Lyceum Club of Athen

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