Members of the Groningen and Nijmegen clubs

are invited to join the Zoom lectures organized by the club Amsterdam.

Together (with LC Nijmegen) to Santiago de Compostella  

In these times of lockdown, the LC Nijmegen suggested to its members to walk together to Santiago.
Everyone could take part from their own home without leaving the country.


How did it work?
Club members walked a few kilometres each day in their own neighbourhood.  A group app had been organised and the number of kilometres walked was collated by the organisers. The distance walked each day and the places en route were reported via the app.  The participants reached Santiago in 90 days! 

In Memoriam Joyce Young

Janneke Feitsma-Wibbens, the previous president of the Dutch Federation, contributed an obituary to Joyce Young in which she wrote of all the work Joyce had done at the international level and also of their own friendship.  This latter was enhanced by the fact that Joyce had been born in Holland and enjoyed speaking Dutch