In Memoriam Agnes Buijten-Leusen: International Treasurer 2007-2013

Agnes passed away on 7th of July last, at the age of 79 in nursing home Huize de Compagnie in Ede, where she had been staying since February of this year. She was lovingly cared for in this care center. After a difficult time with various operations and revalidation, she found her way there and recovered well with her family close to her. For many years Agnes struggled with health problems. But as a strong woman she stood her ground. However, in April of this year, her condition deteriorated even further and she died peacefully, surrounded by her family. 

Since 1992 Agnes was a member of the Dutch Women’s Club Lyceum Club Amsterdam. She was very active within the Amsterdam club, serving as treasurer from 1998-2005. In 1999 she joined the management committee of the Foundation Fund of the Dutch Lyceum Club (=ILC Amsterdam). She resigned in 2015. Agnes also loved to travel. That was easy to combine with the International Association of Lyceum Clubs (IALC)! When I was elected as International President in 2007 the Netherlands had the privilege to appoint the International Treasurer and Secretary in the International Board of the IALC.

BCI Groningen

Agnes was asked by me to take on this position, and so combined her two favorite activities in the period 2007-2013.She performed her function in an excellent manner together with her fellow board members Suzanne Postma-van der Broek (until 2010, ILC Amsterdam) and Els Schijfsma-Smit Sibinga (until 2013, ILC Groningen), both as International Secretary and me.

We worked very well together and met once every six weeks. Els and I travelled many times together to Hoorn, where Agnes lived at that time. We were always very hospitably received by Agnes, together with her husband Bob and their inseparable dog. The ship Agnes and her husband sailed on for years hung on the wall in a large picture.

In 2014 Agnes was named an honorary lifetime member by the International Lyceum Club Amsterdam for her many achievements within the Lyceum organization. Her talents also came back in the digital field. Internationally, a new website was designed as a successor to the existing one with the help of Marcel from Wijk bij Duurstede, Utrecht. The three of us, Agnes, Els and me, travelled to this place a number of times to make our wishes clear. Agnes, with the professional help of Marcel, made sure that the international website looked nicely and that the content was correct.

Agnes was very lovingly surrounded by her family in her last years, even though some lived far away, such as her sister Ella in Canada. They were all very important to her. Cousin Annemieke regularly treated her to a delicious éclair!

Thank you Agnes for your fantastic efforts all these years! (The)Lyceum (Club)was your life!

Eltje Brill-Meijer (ILC Groningen) 2022

Accommodation with 15% reduction (for Lyceum club members) in the ‘Dutch Masters Amsterdam’ on the Keizersgracht, Amsterdam

Research in connection with the forthcoming centenary celebrations of the Amsterdam club and the associated centenary book has brought to light some interesting facts.

A great surprise is that behind the façade of 580 Keizersgracht an apartment hotel, ‘the Dutch Masters Amsterdam’, has been built. From 1924 to 1971 this building was the clubhouse of the Amsterdam Lyceum Club. Despite having a different function now this former clubhouse gladly offers hospitality to all Lyceum Club members. The authors of the Centenary Book have had a look behind the scenes and the manager of the hotel has offered a 15% discount on the price of the apartments to Lyceum Club members worldwide.

Spread the word, visit the website, and when booking, don’t forget to mention that you’re a member of the (International) Lyceum Club!    

Members of the Groningen and Nijmegen clubs

are invited to join the Zoom lectures organized by the club Amsterdam.

Together (with LC Nijmegen) to Santiago de Compostella  

In these times of lockdown, the ILC Nijmegen suggested to its members to walk together to Santiago.
Everyone could take part from their own home without leaving the country.


How did it work?
Club members walked a few kilometres each day in their own neighbourhood.  A group app had been organised and the number of kilometres walked was collated by the organisers. The distance walked each day and the places en route were reported via the app.  The participants reached Santiago in 90 days!