International Activities

  • The International Congress
    held every three years
  • Cultural Days
    annual meetings organised between congresses
  • International Bulletin
    Published twice yearly in April and October
  • Twinnings

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The International Congress is held in a different country every three years. The theme of the Congress is decided by the organising country and covers a subject relating to women’s issues. Three International Congresses have been held in the Netherlands, 1929 in the Hague and in 1977 and 2016 in Amsterdam. In the intervening years between congresses cultural meetings are organised, again each time in a different country. Clubs often have contacts with a sister club abroad. Club members are always welcome in Lyceumclubs both at home and abroad.

THE IALC Congress 2022 with pre- and post-tour took place in Rabat, Morocco.

The husband of the president of LC Köln made a beautiful film of the trip to Morocco.
Very nice memories for those who had the chance to participate, and and perhaps a cause for regret for the others …

The Cultural Days in 2023 were in Athens


Ties of friendship, twinnings, exist between various clubs. In 1992 the  Amsterdam Lyceumclub twinned with the club in Brittany which has its base in Plerin. The Lyceumclub in Groningen recently twinned with the ILC Cologne: the twinning was approved by the 2 clubs in 2023. In 2012 the Nijmegen Lyceumclub twinned with the club in Frankfurt Rhine-Main.