International Association of Lyceum Clubs

The International Association of Lyceum Clubs (IALC) is the umbrella organisation for all international Lyceum Clubs in the world and is based in Switzerland.

The international organization is governed by a President, a Vice-President for the Northern Hemisphere, a Vice-President for the Southern Hemisphere, a Secretary and a Treasurer.

Muriel Hannart
intern. president
Monique G├Ąchter
northern hemisphere
Marilyn Mackinder
southern hemisphere
Mariannina Amodio Mettraux
intern. treasurer

Annie Formont
intern. secretary

The highest body of the IALC is the International Council. The International Council meets once every three years and consists of delegates from national federations of Lyceum clubs: the number of delegates per federation depends on the number of members of the respective clubs. The president is the international president. During this triennial meeting – in May 2022 at the Congress in Morocco – the new International President and two Vice Presidents (one for the Northern and one for the Southern Hemisphere) will be elected for the next three years. The international president appoints a secretary and treasurer.

International Central Bureau

The International Central Bureau (ICB) is the executive body of the IALC and is made up of the international board and the national federation presidents: the ICB has its statutory seat in the country of the president during its term of office, since July 1 2019 in France. The ICB meets at least once a year together with the archivist, the editor of the International Bulletin, the webmaster of the IALC website and the chairman of the congress committee of the next congress. All reports are in English, French and German; the language of communication is English.